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Washing Your Penis for Hygienic Purposes

Hygiene is a very important part of us, particularly in this modern era because it will be hard to call us civilized without it. Without hygiene, we are prone to diseases and bacterial infections, such as the types that plagued people more than a century before us.


A lot of men today value hygiene as well as their penises, but not to the point about being finicky about it. Most men are in the understanding that as long as they take a bath regularly and give their penises some soaping, then it’s okay. What they do not understand however that scrubbing it just a few times like that is sufficient enough to get their privates clean. If you consider your penis to be your pride and joy, then you should also give it the care that it deserves – wash it properly.


This is because the penis is also prone to bacterial buildup if it is not washed properly. You actually do not need to put up a ritual for washing your penis as this can also be done while bathing or showering. Wash your penis with warm water. If you are not circumcised, pull the foreskin up gently up to the crown and try to wash all the nooks and crannies from there. Whether you are circumcised or not, if you do not wash the crown properly, a buildup of a white smelly substance called smegma will form around the nooks and crannies.


The constitution of smegma is more of like dead skin cells, sweat, and natural oils. This sort of makes it a natural lubricant to help keep the penis moist. However, smegma is also the breeding ground for bacteria which is why overtime it will start to smell funky. Once the smegma begins to smell, it means there is already bacteria brewing inside it. Over time, this will cause balanitis which is the inflammation and redness to the glans.


Even in this very hygienic-conscious world of ours, it is still surprising to find how many men do not clean underneath the foreskin. Such isn’t just a manifestation of poor hygiene, but it can also be a very big turn off for their sexual partner.


While washing regularly is very important for good hygiene, the use of soap this frequent can cause drying and soreness. Washing the penis with warm water daily is recommended followed by non-perfume soap to reduce any risks of skin irritation. The use of soap is necessary because it washes away the natural oil and sweat being secreted by the skin. Continue reading

Treat ED With Sildenafil Over the Counter

Being not able to perform great erections can achieve demise in a man’s sexual life. This implies that you will no more have the sexual delight you used to appreciate with your sexual accomplice. Actually, some are even humiliated to a point that they don’t even counsel their penile condition with a restorative expert. For any man experiencing erectile dysfunction, it is really prescribed to counsel a specialist work in erectile dysfunction so you can get the important data you need furthermore have the capacity to potentially separate the underlying driver or the causal component of the condition. There are really numerous reasons why a man can have erectile dysfunction. ED alone is treatable the length of the element that causes it is treatable. This is really the very motivation behind why the main driver ought to be recognized with a specific end goal to know whether your ED issue can be dealt with. Researchers really have two separations for ED as far as reason – mental reason and physical reason. On the off chance that the reason for your ED is mental, then you should do nothing more than treat mental condition and erectile capacity will about-face to typical. Be that as it may, if the reason for your ED is physical, then that implies there is an issue with the vehicle of blood going into the penis. The purposes behind this changes as the reason may be identified with harm, surgery, restorative reasons, ailments, medicines, weight, medications, liquor, or basically your lifestyle. This implies that so as to absolutely cure your erectile issues, you will initially need to cure the variable that is bringing about your erectile condition. Continue reading